Emacs 27/28 on Fedora 31

12 January 2020

In my previous post I showed how you can install Emacs through the Emacs website, this time I will be showing you how you can install Emacs…

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Emacs Installation on Fedora 30/31/Rawhide

02 October 2019

Installing Emacs through the official channels is very easy, however, with the recent problem that a lot of Emacs users were suddenly…

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Linux Mindset

01 August 2019

Hello there! Today I would like to talk a bit about Linux. Many years ago, when I was in middle school, during a computer class, I found a…

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Doctor Prisoner

05 July 2019

I recently binge watched Doctor Prisoner and I can say for certain that this series needs to be on my "Watchlist of all things fun". But why…

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The great Doctor Who

19 February 2019

Doctor Who tickles my science fancy in a way which almost no other TV-series has ever done, it frequently displays dystopian technology of…

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