Rust for Emacs

30 March 2020

Today I added rust support to my emacs config. How it has been before is that I used emacs-racer which might or might not have worked most…

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Org Mode 9.2 and beyond

26 March 2020

The clock nears midnight, a sweaty emacs user is sitting in a darkly room with only the monitors lighting up the space. To his amusement he…

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Distro hopping

25 March 2020

For the past months, ever since I made the post on Fedora, I have been quite a busy distro hopper, at first it was my intention that I was…

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Using Fedora for Development in 2020

25 January 2020

You might have noticed that I put up some posts about Fedora already and how to install Emacs for it. This is because of the version…

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A Windows Development Story

12 January 2020

So I was back on Windows for a while, because I wanted to see how much I would need to configure things to have a similar setup as I have on…

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