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I wish that this blog will be a place that will transform my own thoughts and ideas to words that I can make sense of, and others, although I must say, I am not really the best writer, so a plus would be that such skills would become better, only time will tell.

This blog will serve as a insight of all things I enjoy, things I am curious about and things I don't understand. It's gonna be something along the lines of I teach myself while perhaps teaching others?

Sounds good? Perfect.

About myself

Let's go through the hardest part to explain, that being myself.

I am a 26 year old boy with a burning passion for everything that interests me, which is why I am currently studying Information Technology, I live in the land where there are over a thousand lakes, a fun amount of bears and atleast one sauna per household while boasting the biggest coffee drinking population in the world.

For the last ten years I have been:

  • Distro hopping like a madman
  • Learning languages for both computers and people
  • Increasing my knowledge of technology +1 at the time
  • Traveling a little bit to get the feel of what it's like to live somewhere else.
  • Getting to know interesting people all over the world
  • Trying my best to be a grillmaster during the summer
  • Trying out some different fields before actually deciding on programming
  • At one point almost became a ships electrician

Trying out new technologies and increasing my knowledge of everything tech by a whooping +1 at the time this year while blogging about it shall be a goal, and while it's not really the first of january, I can still make due of what I have.

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