Doctor Prisoner

05 July 2019

I recently binge watched Doctor Prisoner and I can say for certain that this series needs to be on my "Watchlist of all things fun". But why? Let me tell you why.

Doctor Prisoner is a fast-paced revenge drama that wont hold you hand during the binge watch, but instead shows you what happens when a big brain doctor gets screwed over big time and plans his revenge over a few years time, learning new things, waiting for the perfect time to start his revenge scheme against those who had wronged him.

Now that might sound like a lot of dramas and you aren't wrong in thinking that, but oh boy are we gonna be proven wrong.

I have to figure out the hard on for KDramas and choosing to make dramas about corruption or corruption within the medical field, but that is research for another time.

Now back to the drama.

Nam Goong Min was awesome, he really looked like a man with a plan, and that was essentially what he became with his character Na Yi Je and the counterpart play of Kim Byung Chul was wow, he really knows how to play a snake with almost inifinite lives as his character Seon Min Sik, those two really looked like they had a big beef against each other for real, the acting was really good.

Without saying too much more which might add too much spoilery stuff into this, I just wanna say.......

Go and watch it

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