Emacs 27/28 on Fedora 31

12 January 2020

In my previous post I showed how you can install Emacs through the Emacs website, this time I will be showing you how you can install Emacs through the mirrored github repository that Emacs uses.

Mirrored in the sense that the Emacs dev group don't use github, but their own server, so there are people who have mirrored that repository and added it to github.

One thing that can be nice as a emacs user is to have the latest in Emacs software, so getting the "edge" version is always a little scary but fun.

So let's start with cloning the repository from github: git clone https://github.com/emacs-mirror/emacs.git

Afterwards we will have to do a similar route we took in the previous post with downloading the dependencies for emacs and it's easy to do it like so:

# Dependencies for development
sudo dnf group install "Development Tools"

# Dependencies specific to Emacs
sudo dnf builddep emacs

Now since that is done, we need to run $ ./autogen.sh in order to generate the tools for the git build.

then we do it like the previous post, like $ ./configure and that will configure Emacs.

Once that is done compile the source $ make and once you have compiled the source, check so that it works by running $ src/emacs -Q

If it runs as it should then go ahead and install the binaries with: sudo make install

It's pretty easy to install, and in order to keep the install be updated, you should do a git pull every now and again and do a reinstall.

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