Rust for Emacs

30 March 2020

Today I added rust support to my emacs config. How it has been before is that I used emacs-racer which might or might not have worked most of the times, mostly due to the sheer fact that you had to use the nightly toolchain of rust in order to build racer.

But that surely changed as I found out that there's another package out there waiting for me to install it.

The package is called Rustic and it is so easy to install, or well, it's much easier and is not prone to breaking everytime you try to install it.

So to begin you will need either rls or rust-analyzer for rls all you need to do is to install the cargo like this:

cargo install rls

and then you are good to go with the packages needed. if you wanna go and install rust-analyzer you can always check if there's a simple binary to download with the distro you are using or if you wanna build it from source, you can go here and follow the instructions given there.

Since you now have all the pre-requisite packages needed, it's time to go for the emacs config needed.

I suggest you add lsp, company and flycheck at first to the list of packages you need in emacs, and then if you use use-package all you need afterwards is to add this to your config:

(use-package flycheck-rust)

(use-package rustic
  (rust-mode . lsp-deferred)
  (rust-mode . company-mode)
  (flycheck-mode . flycheck-rust-setup)
  (rustic-format-on-save t)
  (rustic-indent-method-chain t)
  ;; The default is 'rls
  (rustic-lsp-server 'rust-analyzer))

You should note that I use straight.el and your config might need a :ensure macro as well as :demand in order for the config to work. You might also wanna set the hook to use lsp instead of lsp-deferred as my current config defers everything as per default.

if you have followed this, all the way through, you should now be able to do some rust magic and therefore use it without a problem.

Rustic has a pretty detailed list of functions you can use to your disposal while in rust land.

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