The great Doctor Who

19 February 2019

Doctor Who tickles my science fancy in a way which almost no other TV-series has ever done, it frequently displays dystopian technology of the future that gives me ideas of what I can grubble about in my lonesome, and at the same time I wonder, should I give the old, the "classic" Doctor Who a go? it would make sense as I am a huge fan, but at the same time, much like old Star Trek it might be a bit too much to take on with the difference in time periods of recording the series.

One of the few times I have actually wanted to delve into the classics, was during the time when I was watching the 50th anniversery episodes of Doctor Who and here's some info about them:

The Day of the Doctor

The episode which is called "The Day of the Doctor" where the whole story revolves around being able to save Gallifrey From it's impending doom as it previously was in or so the doctor thought.

The Doctor had spoken of the time when he didn't dare to call himself the doctor as it was the time when the Time War was on going and the Doctor had to make a choice, Kill the Daleks and Gallifrey or let the Time War consume the entire universe.

At that time the Doctor did not know that he hadn't consumed Gallifrey and all the Dalek forces with the weapon called "The Moment", that only because the Moment had a conciousness which was portrayed as Rose Tyler and what The Moment wanted to show The Doctor was that even if he used The Moment, he would grow up to be the Doctor that everyone knew about, but also became a symbol of hope, which would be able to make even the dalek's shiver in fear.

Having seen himself as the newer doctors, only 400 years forward gives him peace of mind, however having three heads instead of one gives him an idea of something new, that being that he can send a message out to all the Doctors around the universe at all the timelines and have all of himself be at the same point in time to save Gallifrey to become into one single moment and sends it away, making the daleks kill themselves.

Time of the Doctor

The Doctor have no choice but to go back to Trenzalore, the place where he was supposed to die, one of the secrets he had been carrying around which was discovered by the Great intelligence earlier on.

The Doctor have no choice but to protect Trenzalore from all his enemies, the Daleks, the cybermen, Zygons, Sonataran Empire and so forth and he does it with great success, meanwhile Clara is trying to get back to him, but the TARDIS wont do it or so she thought atleast.

300 years later(only 300 years for the Doctor) and Clara is able to return to Trenzalore tries to talk to the very old Doctor, but he is done, he doesn't budge for anything and tries to protect the village once more, but before that he says to Clara that his regeneration wont work anymore as it has already been depleted, 13 times that is. But what he does not know is that the crack in the wall of the Tower which he stood upon, Clara speaks through the crack in the wall to the Time Lords and they grant him a new regeneration cycle which after the attack regenerates him to the 12th Doctor.

Conclusion {#conclusion}

What I am very unsure of is how big the regeneration cycle was that the 11th Doctor was given, as we are now on the 13th Doctor, the series continues to be popular around the world, and having seen some segments into the old, I might eventually see the classics, just to know some of the things which have been obvious for the watcher who have seen it all.

I might add that I am curious about what Jodie Whittaker has in store for Season 12 as Season 11 was really great and she really showed the world that the Doctor doesn't have to be a Male as shown with the Master or Missy as the Master was calling herself in the later Seasons of the 2005 version.

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