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27 January 2019

This page shall be a page with curated lists of recommended series and films from all over the world. These entries will come with no score, or rank and they will be random, however, they are all very watchable.

South Korean TV-Shows (KDrama)

City Hunter

Revenge Story, Good Action, Great Story, Blue House, Big boi money, Great Cast. Not Generic

The K2

Big boi money on what seems to be two security firms with almost unlimited power, fighting it through, and a few people stacked in the middle, not knowing what to do, Good action, Great Cast and silly at times, but that's good.


Standing up against the 1%, This time by using a online newspaper, this series has good silly comedy, action but in a more minimal sense if looking at the series above, fooling the big guy and winning the lady.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Funny comedy with some touches of drama, romance, also the the good old "I am poor and this new guy of mine has the big coin.


South Korea really knows how to name a series, this one is a bit sad, a bit aww, a bit of haha, so a little bit of everything plus it's fantasy-like or as much fantasy as they dared to add.


Big boi with the big boi coin, girl with ambitions and no coin, robots, boi "allergic" to humans, fun story, a bit sad, much fun and silly.

Descendants of the Sun

Getting that IRIS feeling from this one, THE love story and one of if not the best kdrama series I've seen.

Suspicious Partner

Very fun comedy with a splash of drama and sadness, fun romance.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Fun comedy, with weightlifting and romance in focus, very interesting to see that even weightlifting can be the "focus" of a whole series

Secret Garden

Fun comedy, typical poor woman rich man scenario but with a big twist.

Mr. Sunshine

Lots of comedy, lots of love, lots of sadness, The Joseon Dynasty, Political, Vigilantes, based around a true story.

Yong Pal

Poor Man, Rich Woman, big boi politics, corruption and a healthy dose of romance.

Lawless Lawyer

Haunted by the past, good series.

My Fellow Citizens

Good comedy, how to fake your way to the top!

Special Labor Inspector Jo

How to not underestimate a labor inspector, fun comedy, some drama, little bit of sadness, haunted by the past, very good stuff.


How to steal your way into revenge and win.

Less Than Evil

The Korean Version of the UK series "Luther", probably the better one as well.

My Sassy Girl

If you wanna laugh and wanna see a bit of the Joseon Dynasty, this is the place for all of that with "My Sassy Girl"


Do you like spy movies? Do you wanna see something from 10 years ago? Watch this wonderful thing, it's beautiful.


Have you seen a lot of sequels of kdramas? me neither... this one imo isn't as good as the first, but still worth a watch.

Oh My Venus

A drama with lots of funny moments, some romance, some drama, but mostly comedy.


You might this that this series might end up being something like NCIS or something like that, but oh boy are you wrong, this crime solving drama has a pretty good twist on how to make it interesting!

Prison Playbook

A very very fun series, shows a little bit how the life in prison is in Korea, with a small bit of drama, but mostly just goofs.

Doctor Prisoner

Doctor Prisoner is a fast-paced revenge drama that wont hold you hand during the binge watch, but instead shows you what happens when a big brain doctor gets screwed over big time

Check the "review" of it

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